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How to make WebFlood Link Assalaam alaikum Friends, Today im going to tell u how to make webflood links. Lots of nimbuzz users ask me about
webflood links and tricks so after learning this u can make your own webflood links. Reguirement:- 1, U need a free host which support php. U have to register on it. Im giving u example with
1 simple and gud host. Host is Register on this host.
2, U must have XMPPHP and Flood Php.
3, Any FTP client. Like Opera with FTP (for mobile users). Note:- On this
u dont need to upload file by FTP client. U can directly upload files in File Manager. how to upload file on web directly:- 1, Login to your host where u registered already ex:
2, After login click on File Manager. U will see file manager table there and many options.
3, Click on Create Folder. Then write name of folder in capital letters XMPPHP . Done
4, Click on XMPPHP folder. U will enter in XMPPHP folder. There u will see upload file option.
Click on Upload select ur xmpphp files location from mobile or pc where u saved ur xmpphp
files. 5, Upload all the XMPPHP files in XMPPHP folder of web.
6, click on back button, u wil reach again on file manager main page. There u have to
upload all flood php's u want in ur link.
7, Delet the index.html and index.php which is already on that site.
8, Upload index.html, If u dnt have index page or u want to make only 1 flood on your site.
Rename ur 1 of flood php or html name. Example: if ur php or html name is room.php or room.html rename it to index.php or index.php.
9, if ur 1 flood have 2 file like room.html and room.php. In this case always rename
room.html to index.html.
10, If u not change ur file name ur link wil be like:
room.html . Note: index.html is the main page of your website.
Now your site is ready to use.
If your have any problem dont ask me coz i explained u every single steps. Read it
carefully :D